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Dream Guitars' communications are the best. You do common things uncommonly well.


~Jeff M.

After a day with this beast I have to ask one question. Do guitars get better than this Circa?  I'm amazed how much sound it puts out and how good it sounds. It's way better than (...my others). This Circa is amazing. Thanks for steering me in the right direction...this is the sound I've been after for a long time.



~Charles F.

I’m really impressed with how you handled this sale throughout.  I’ve been involved with fine pre-war guitars for nearly 60 years and never worked with anyone better.

~Dave P.

About 2 1/2 years ago I started down the road of a fanfret sized more like my old bannner lg2 gibby...I contacted 4 or more builders and all research and searching led down the path a of a jumbo style instrument....and by happenstance  I stumbled onto the Brad Daniels Carmen on your website. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected that soulful tone from this wood combo..or even ever would have considered engleman spruce...huh...depth..warmth...expansive volume...no conflicting frequencies..no reverb whoom whoom...no muddiness....each note is clear as a bell yet soulful...

Brad has the gift of voice..he needs to keep doing this no matter what...in an ocean of builders making attractive appealing guitars Brad evidences the element that speaks to the heart...

Shes a keeper...ive only picked it up twice after work and am writing two songs off it already..and I dont even know squat about dadgad yet...

~Pat. S - IL

After his trial... Most of the time, reality does not quite measure up to expectations but in this case, they are exceeded.

~Joseph G.

Hello from little old Adelaide in South Australia. Love your work Paul. Some one asked me last week where would you like to go over seas if you could. My answer was...DREAM GUITARS.

~A. Armstrong - South Australia

Just wanted to say that I was delighted to see you get some much deserved publicity in the Acoustic Guitar magazine issue I just received!  You’ve been wonderful helping me to build my collection with astounding guitars, and I really appreciate all your fantastic advice.

I was interested to note that the article said you sold about 400 guitars each year.  I thought - that must be wrong!  I bought about 400 last year all by myself!  And I love 'em all!!


Thanks for the awesome repair job replacing the frets on my Paragon acoustic. The work was stellar and not a mark on the ebony fretboard from the removal of the frets! The playability on the guitar is better than when I sent it to DREAM GUITARS! My baby (I named it the Koalossal since it is Koa back and sides) plays like butter and the feel of the new frets just makes me not want to put the guitar down it is so smooth & easy to play!! The cost to ship the guitar there to get the work done was worth every cent! I really could not be happier (and I am not an easy one to please believe me.... just ask my wife). Thanks again for a job well done and when my other guitars need serious work done on them I know where they are going!

~Mike F.

I received the checks. For me this was a seamless transaction. You made it feel easy. I appreciate all of your insight and excellent communication. I think it brings a new meaning to the term "Dream". The Seller is grateful and happy with quality of your service. That is a "dream" too! 

~Marc M.

About his 1943 Gibson J-45.... "Thanks again for what may be my favorite guitar of all time!"

~William V.

An hour and one-half after opening the box I concluded that it is the nicest steel string guitar I have ever played. The basses are rich, the sixth string is not tubby in the first three frets (usual obvious disappointment), the mid range and trebles are full and with character. The guitar sings in chord but is not too flush with unnecessary lushness. Very responsive and silky to play.  I didn’t realize the body was smallish and so very comfortable. An absolute pleasure.  And it is gorgeous. The workmanship and wood selection are very fine. I feel privileged to have it in my possession. Thank you for the recommendation and for working with me.

~Rob M.

During the last 15 years I’ve been a customer of Dream Guitars, having bought from them a huge quantity of instruments with the aim to improve and to increase my guitar collection. My collection includes actually around 200 guitars ranging from acoustic, electric, classical, resophonic, lap steel guitars as weel as pedal steels and banjos. 

I always found in Dream Guitars a perfect partner, able to propose instruments not always very easy to find on the market. Dream Guitars’ competence in guitars comes mostly by their peculiarity to be not only a dealer, but also an organization including professional guitar players and “aficionados” so they can really discuss with you about the guitar characteristics and handle business with a special attention to the sound and playability of the instrument. This is a very important point of view when you are looking around the guitar world, a very rare quality nowadays it’s very rare to find. The descriptions of the instruments you can find on the website are technically complete and I’m never disappointed about what I was expecting from the guitar after reading the specification in the website. The sounds clip is very useful. You can almost always find one in the presentation page which really can contribute in giving a more complete evaluation of the guitar.

Recently I decided to reduce my guitars to make my collection easier to handle and maintain. I selected three batches of guitars, in total 60 guitars, ranging from acoustic, to classical and a few electric too. These guitars are mostly vintage instruments, destined to qualified collectors and guitar players.

I was really surprised by the friendly and qualified approach of the personnel at Dream Guitars. They helped me to evaluate the true value of each instrument and they also proposed a higher price when my evaluation was a little down if compared to the actual value coming from the market. All three batches of guitars have been bought directly by Dream Guitars and no guitar was dealt on consignment. Moreover, there was never a problem about the right sale price and they also helped me to understand better which are the actual trends of the guitar market.

Last but not least, some guitars they bought from me were the same they sold me some years ago. They still kept aside all the info and photos concerning the previous sold guitars so that it was very easy for them (and for me) to set down all the information concerning the instrument. This is possible only with a serious business organization.

All the payments agreed have been until now fully respected and sometimes also with advanced payments with respect to the payment agreed.

Should you need to part with a single special guitar or a large batch of guitars coming from qualified collection I cannot suggest a better organization than Dream Guitars.


Paul. The guitar is fantastic. Beautiful sound. Great sustain. It almost seems to play itself. I couldn't be happier. I play mostly finger style & it is perfect for that. It has really added musicality to my playing and I just can't put it down. I really appreciate what a great job you do at Dream Guitars getting fine instruments into the hands of people like me. maybe another guitar down the road some day. Maybe a dream......... Rich.

~Rich O.

We southeast guitarists are so blessed to have such an amazing shop like Dream Guitars so close to us.  Because you guys pursued your passion, you are helping so many guitarists pursue their's.  

~Brett F - South Carolina

I purchased a beautiful highly-figured PRS Private Stock McCarty “Violin” model previously and this week a mint condition Martin D45 Celtic Knot – both rare models that don’t often come up for sale.   They were described in detail and very fairly priced.   Paul and Houston were really a pleasure to deal with.   The guitars were packaged and shipped with great care.   I would not hesitate to buy from Dream Guitars again.   The guitars they sell are indeed “dream guitars".

~Rick F.

What sets you guys apart from all the others is that you're truly trying to find a good home for each and every one of the exceptional instruments that have the good fortune to pass through your showroom. You guys did all the hard work for me by finding only the highest quality instruments and then providing me a no-pressure environment to play them all to my heart's content. When I visited your showroom, I felt like I was hanging out with a bunch of old friends who had my back.

~Greg P. - USA

After receiving his guitar from us....

...but equally impressive as the guitar is the quality of business you are running. I was of course struck by the incredible collection and the superior way each guitar is presented. In every communication the same high standards were evident -- the most knowledgeable, professional, fair and responsive dealer I have yet to encounter. 

~John Z. - USA

Well... This(Hoffman Concert) is the best instrument I've every played.  Always thought my Goodall was excellent and then I played this.  I'm serious when I say it is PERFECT in every way.  Intonation, playability, tone, aesthetic, weight, etc.  In my opinion, there is ALWAYS something that can be improved on any guitar but I just cannot find one here. That has never been the case.  
Thanks so much for your help and patience with me while I made the decision.  For such a large sum of money, you make this a relatively low stress situation. I especially love your site and the listening room.  If it were not for that, I would not have this beautiful guitar in my studio.  

~Matt V. - USA

Regarding his purchase of a Cervantes Crossover I... "This little guitar is just terrific! I thought it would be, well, *pretty* good, but it exceeds my expectations on every measure.  It sounds great: The highs just sing and the bass completely blows me away--it's much more powerful than I expected.  The wood is gorgeous, it plays like a dream (you can quote me on that) and the cutaway opens the neck up nicely.  And the smell of the cedar is wonderful.  I haven't owned a nylon-string guitar in decades and this instrument is far better than anything in my memories.     
This is exactly what I was looking for, a perfect voice..." Brian D.

~Brian D. - USA

Regarding his purchase of a Cervantes Crossover I... "This little guitar is just terrific! I thought it would be, well, *pretty* good, but it exceeds my expectations on every measure.  It sounds great: The highs just sing and the bass completely blows me away--it's much more powerful than I expected.  The wood is gorgeous, it plays like a dream (you can quote me on that) and the cutaway opens the neck up nicely.  And the smell of the cedar is wonderful.  I haven't owned a nylon-string guitar in decades and this instrument is far better than anything in my memories.     
This is exactly what I was looking for, a perfect voice..." Brian D.

~Brian D. - USA

For many years I guitars visited stores and luthiers from California to Tennessee searching for a high quality nylon and steel string guitar embodying my ideas of sound and spec’s. I bought a few guitars along the way but they were compromises despite the  promises. At Dream Guitars, Paul the owner listened carefully and has sent me two guitars over the past 2 years by luthiers I had not heard of previously. They are both exactly what I was looking for and unable to find before!  Save yourself time and frustration, this store truly listens and has an incredible selection. - Mark



For many years I guitars visited stores and luthiers from California to Tennessee searching for a high quality nylon and steel string guitar embodying my ideas of sound and spec’s. I bought a few guitars along the way but they were compromises despite the  promises. At Dream Guitars, Paul the owner listened carefully and has sent me two guitars over the past 2 years by luthiers I had not heard of previously. They are both exactly what I was looking for and unable to find before!  Save yourself time and frustration, this store truly listens and has an incredible selection. - Mark



What words can I say about my new PRS Custom Private Stock Hollowbody? It is absolutely gorgeous! You were incredibly helpful and so knowledgeable in which types of wood and finish to make this the most fabulous PRS I have ever seen. I also appreciate the patience you had when I kept changing my mind or wanting to add one more thing. I could not have asked for a better dealer of PRS guitars to help me create this work of art.


Thank you again Paul and I hope someday we can work together again to create another masterpiece!

~Leslie K. - TX

Again, my thanks for your help, once again.  The Tippin is magnificent.  And, you've always been not only helpful and fun to deal with, but spot on with your advice.  I've enjoyed it very much, and I'm looking forward to stopping by some time when I get in your area.

~Drew B. - USA

Paul, Thanks so such for your hospitality, your patience, and especially your knowledge as you helped me find exactly the right guitar.  Your showroom is an amazing place, filled with one astonishing instrument after another.


I was having a blast, and then you handed me that one instrument whose quality astonished me most of all.  The tone was exquisite and the workmanship impeccable.  It was not possible not to buy this guitar, and I couldn't be happier.  I'll be recommending Dream Guitars to any person on a quest for their guitar of a lifetime.  Good luck, and keep up the good work!

~Roy S. - Chapel Hill, NC

I am fortunate to own two top of the line Brazillian Rosewood guitars made by noted luthiers. I wanted a comparable nylon string guitar with a different scale length, and contacted Dream Guitars for the first time. After deliberation over several options, I agreed to try their suggestion of a guitar made by a builder who I had never heard of before. It is an awesome guitar, easily exceeding my highest expectations. I highly recommend this store!

~Mark - Wisconsin

...I could not be more pleased with the instrument. It is exactly as you stated: "a stunning guitar with a sumptuous voice."  Your pictures could not fully capture its beauty and the quality of workmanship.   I will be playing the guitar as much as my developing callouses will allow.

... and thank you again for your informative advice and helpfulness, especially as I'm a newcomer to the high-end guitar market. I will be recommending you to friends who are in the market for ultra-premium guitars.

~Doug H.

I'll be singing your praises out there to anybody who needs to sell a custom instrument. I almost sent this to the West Coast for sale before deciding upon you guys. I'm glad I made the decision I did.

~Larry P.

I just received the repaired guitar damaged in shipping back from Bill Tippin and all I have to say is: WOW, what an amazing job he did! If  I did not know where the damage was, I would not have noticed it. Thanks a lot.


The guitar arrived in superb condition, and is absolutely a dream to play. The guitar was advertised accurately and arrived as you said it would, so for that reason I applaud your business efforts and know that the world needs more honest, up-front folks like yourself.

Unfortunately, like eBay, I can't leave you feedback or anything like that, but I highly recommend you and feel that the 3 day al period for "testing" the instrument was a major plus in allowing me to buy the guitar (Although honestly, how could I send you back an instrument of this quality and caliber??)


I want to thank you very sincerely for all the time (and patience!) you offered to me. Maybe you'll say "it's simply my job"... But the way (very professional and very kind) you do it, that's something different.

~Thierry - Belgium

What an incredible instrument. You can definitely post "SOLD" on your website. I love what you guys are doing! I'm on board for anything I can do to promote your business.

~Charles D.

In a kinder, more gentle paraphrase of AAARNOLD - "I'll be back." Be well.

~Judith C.

I found your site. Wow! Dream guitars! The name, the pictures, the audio samples, the attention to details, the overall impression of quality, it all looked "right". Am I ever glad I followed through on my hunch that I wouldn't be disappointed to trust you. I received my 'Dream Guitar' (professionally packaged I should mention) yesterday. A beauty for the eyes and ears and touch! You have found yet another happy customer.

~Franz S. - Canada

Thanks for the best acoustic guitar site on the web. Being able to hear so many great instruments compared, with Al P. playing the same three or four tunes (without flaw), allows for careful comparison and analysis and across "company lines". I'll (probably) never make it to your shop (I live in Idaho). But please know that the love and care (as well as salespersonship) you put into the site is greatly appreciated. Cheers.

~Brent M. - Idaho

Thanks so much! I love my pre-owned Martin SPD-16TR! I was a bit nervous about ordering a pre-owned acoustic online, but Paul and the gang treated me very well, and the guitar is just what it was represented to be. Great service, and a great guitar.

~Steve T. - Ketchum, Idaho

I think my lasting impressions will be of the sound of that 1910 OO-28 and the views of the Craggy Mountains from your door step. Just awesome.

So glad to have you in Asheville!

~Geoff R. - Asheville, NC

[on hearing his consigned guitar sold quickly]
Great news! I knew I was dealing with the right people! Many thanks to you and your staff.

~Andre F. - USA

Enjoyed visiting your shop today, what a fantastic display of guitars. The guitar I purchased was just as you described it to be - Looks, Sound, Feel etc. Man was I happy about that. It's good to know there are some honest people left. You made my wife and I feel at home. Thanks for helping me get One Super Guitar consider me 100% satisfied, and telling the World where they can get one too.

~Dr. J. Johnson - Up State of S.C.

The Blanchard Dream Series 1 has really broken in. Just a quick note to say that I'd put it up against any other guitar on the planet for tone. Thanks a million because that is what the guitar is worth in my opinion.

~David B.

The best there is, period. Everyone makes promises. The folks at Dream Guitars keep theirs. Their risk-free evaluation offer and satisfaction guarantee is unrivaled. Their awards are richly deserved, and should all be gold!

~Steve Vince - Ames, Iowa

The guitar arrived 2 days ago and it was one of those occasions in life where the dream equaled the reality. Thanks very much it’s a beautiful guitar, exactly as represented by you.

~Philip P. - Australia

Incredible! How lucky are people that live within a day's trip to THE best collection of high quality acoustic instruments. The knowledge, experience, and service of Paul and his team is unprecedented. The Striebel I bought from Dream Guitars is my BABY! I have never been happier with an instrument in my life. I can't wait to buy from you again. Thanks Paul and Dream Guitars!

~Matt D - Greenville, SC

Thank you so much for your kind service and quality of your guitars. I just love my 2007 Ramirez 1A.

~Rick - California

I felt compelled to update you on my Sinker Redwood/African Blackwood Crescendo (Al Petteway Signature model). I have been playing it exclusively for 3 months now. I started out in DADGAD and then switched to Standard tuning.

At this point I still find myself amazed at this instrument. After a couple weeks in Standard, it really started to open up. At times it sounds like I am playing with amplification - the projection is almost startling. Yet even with that projection, the tonal quality persists - there is absolutely no hint of breaking up - and I can get pretty heavy-fingered at times.


Received the Somogyi yesterday and have had a big grin on my face ever since - what an instrument - the richness of tone and the vibrancy and responsiveness are amazing. I expected something special but the whole package (including the purchase and shipping) was a first class experience. Please share my appreciation with your team. I am certain our paths will cross again.

~Digby H. - California

I wanted to thank you for a very pleasant and efficient buying process ( many thanks to Joe for expediting everything). The description and photos of the guitar, the sound sample, and the comments made by yourself and Al were a completely accurate portrayal of the guitar. Short of personally playing the instrument, it doesn't get any better than that. I will have no hesitation in buying from Dream Guitars again. Probably in the near future.

~Carey T. - Switzerland

Always a pleasure. never a disappointment. you can quote me. peace.

~Judith C. - Brooklyn, NY

Your shop, (and you yourself) are a class act, and if I meet anyone who wants to buy a guitar (in person or on-line), I'm going to point them directly to Dream Guitars, without hesitation.

~Bret D. - Fletcher, NC

I have received the guitar yesterday and I would like to let you know that my expectations are exceeded by far! You consulted me on the different guitars to choose from and you recommended the Charis to me. And indeed, it is exactly what I was looking for. You display your instruments very well on your webpages and do not hide anything. But the guitar is even more beautiful, the condition is mint and the sound is outstanding. In the process of selecting, purchasing and shipping the guitar, you were very supportive and transparent. I will certainly do more business with you in the future.

Many thanks from a very happy customer in Switzerland.

~Heinz Z. - Switzerland

I got the money(for my consignment...). Thank you for that. I appreciate your excellent services. In the future, whenever I need a high-end guitar, I'll first contact you. I'll be a lifetime regular customer!

~Seungjae L. - Athens, GA & Japan

...you made the experience a real pleasure... just you and me in the showroom going from tone to tone and hearing with our guts was what it's all about for me. Rosewood, maple, walnut, whatever -- this guitar felt like, sounded like, it had been waiting for me to show up and take it home. I appreciated your sensitivity to my ear and playing style, you really did guide me to the right guitar for me to play, not just the right guitar for you to sell.

What a joy that process was. I love my new guitar, can't keep my hands off it, and I'm writing to thank you for your keen ear, hospitality, and expertise.

~Mike E. - Danville, KY

You bring more good stuff to market than any three other dealers put together and all very democratic, first-come first-satisfied, no insider knowledge needed. With you we can all experience these intense longings at the same time!

~Billy C. - Mississippi

This instrument has gone beyond satisfying my expectations and there's not one thing about I would change. I started playing at sixteen and I'm about to turn sixty. I've upgraded guitars maybe fifty times along the way. Thank you for helping me complete this particular journey and thank you as well for your kindness and patience along the way. If I ever meet anyone who's looking not just for a guitar, but for 'The Guitar of a Lifetime', I now know exactly where to send them.

~Russell G. - Connecticut

Gentlemen; received the instrument today, 00 Collings, right on time, as promised. The guitar was packed in a professional manner deserving of such a fine guitar. The packaging is by far the best I've seen. So, the packaging is world class, what about the guitar? Dead Mint, flawless..... JUST AS IT WAS DESCRIBED IN LOOKS AND TONE. It's real easy to see you guys care about the instruments and customers. Dream Guitars® has made gas just that much easier. Bottom line good guitars and good people! Thanks.

~Phillip C. - Alabama

You have one of the best websites ever! If my company ever checked they'd find me viewing and listening to clips from Dream Guitars® quite often!

~Eric - [Location withheld to protect the not-so-innocent]

I wanted the opportunity to thank you for everything. I've worked with [Dave listed half a dozen of the top shops in the country ... think of a name and it was probably on his list]. So far, you've been the best. Thanks again.

~David L. - Tennessee

The guitar sounds great and I am very happy with it. The guitar was packed very well and was in nearly perfect condition. You can't have it back. I'm very pleased with the experience of buying from you and will keep you in mind if I decide to look into a new guitar in the future. But right now I can't see any reason why I'd ever replace this one.

~Joe S.

The Randy Lucas Brazilian is one of my favorites, and that's saying something amongst my collection – you were absolutely right. I have always been meaning to tell you that the way you pack and ship guitars is by far the most convenient and user-friendly of anyone and is very much appreciated!

~Ron W. - Massachusetts

I found your site recently and it's really tremendous. It's easily the best guitar store site on the internet and I find myself visiting often.

~Jim C.

Suffice it to say I'm very pleased with my new guitar and thank you so much for your help in finding her! All my guitarist friends know all about your site from my urging. The only down side to this whole deal was that you didn't include an Al Petteway CD in the case pocket, (what a player he is). Thanks so much Paul and Joe.

~Scott W.

Dream Guitars customer service has been excellent. You will be highly recommended by me. Perhaps there will come a day when I find I have that dreadful GAS [Guitar Acquisition Syndrome] disease thing I read about. If so I will certainly be in touch.

~Kathy H.

This guitar is a keeper and is a dream come true. For the first time in a long while I'm really enjoying the sounds coming from an acoustic guitar. Once again thanks for the great service. I already have recommended you to someone else I know. Keep up the good work.

~Bruce E. - California

You guys have the most informative and entertaining guitar-related website I have ever visited. So many beautiful instruments, sound clips and photos! Thanks for a great experience!


This is definitely my 'Dream Guitar'. Dream Guitars® certainly lives up to it's name. You've got a wonderful company and I look forward to doing business with you again.

~Kathy - California

I'm emailing you to let you know that you're no way, no how, not ever getting this guitar back - I absolutely love it! Action, intonation and feel are excellent, and it sounds really sweet. Thanks for a great deal on a great guitar!

~Bob B. - Florida

I have really enjoyed the guitar. I'll add your site to my favorite's list. You have a quality site and offer a lot more info than most guitar sites. Top Shelf! Thanks Again.

~Phillip C.

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that every time I pick up the Martin MC-68 - I'm lovin' it...thanks so much for making it happen!

~Steve C. - Maryland

The repairs came out really well. Bill is definitely worth his weight in gold. It is worth the extra shipping cost for superior work. Dealing with Dream Guitars® was a real stress free experience. I will only work with you in the future when it comes to my guitars.

~Dan M. - Florida

I appreciate the offer of the three-day approval period, but there is NO WAY you are getting this guitar back. You have chosen your name well.

~Dave G. - South Carolina

I just want to thank you for the fantastic job you did on my guitar. Everything is perfect, and it plays, sounds and looks tremendous. The intonation is vastly improved--I've played a lot of old Martins, and I've never played one (including this one) that needed so little adjustment when capoed. The binding repair is almost undetectable, and I never thought that top finish could be fixed as you did. If you ever need a reference, let me know! I look forward to seeing and hearing what you do on the mandolin.

~Dave H. - North Carolina

It plays absolutely wonderfully, it's divine and is in mint condition. It really is my dream guitar. The service and delivery time were great too. I have enjoyed the whole experience, except for the money I spent on the guitar rather than getting my mom a new kidney. I told her to take really good care of that last one.

~Dane S.

So again, thank you so much for another real nice instrument!

Best regards from a rainy Berlin town...but I know a way to brighten up this evening...

~Uwe - Germany

This mail order bride is even prettier in person — whoa! I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on what to anticipate when I ordered it thanks to Joe's descriptive overview and Paul's articulate manner of fielding my questions. Still, the abstract nature of what we all seek from a guitar left me...well, anxious. From the very first note, this guitar was everything you said it might be — and then some.

~Larry M.

I feel like I've been driving an old VW and just upgraded to a Porsche! It's inspired me tremendously. You and Joe were so gracious with your time, which I really appreciate. This was a big investment for me, but one that I'm so glad I made.

~Mike C.

Super guitar, super service - will recommend all friends check out you website. Feel free to use my comments. Quality service deserves praise and recommendation, there is just not enough of it around these days.

~Lew W.

What a beauty. And the sound is unearthly good - so good that it's hard to believe. Thanks for the excellent customer service and quick delivery. Thank you again from a happy guy.

~Rich C.

Delivery was so fast, I couldn't believe it. The packaging was perfect and the guitar is in perfect condition. Even better than I expected. You may add me to your 'happy customers' list.

~Jean-Pierre - Belgium

The guitar arrived in the 'as new' condition you described and the packing was most impressive. A great guitar and 100% satisfaction. So thank you very much and well done.

~Glenn - Australia

Just want to thank you again for building this guitar - and to Dream Guitars® for their contribution! I've owned LOTS of guitars over the years - always searching for that special one that met my needs - aesthetically, tonally and playability. And this is it!! Every time I play it - or look at it! - I smile. It's truly the guitar of my dreams! I just couldn't be happier. I know some people would put this in a case and tuck it away - but not me. I plan to play it every single day...and I think I'm a better player with it!

~Pamela B-K

Yippee. Thanks for all your help, you guys rock.

~Herb K.

I really enjoyed my dealings with Dream Guitars®. You personally do a great job by creating a friendly non-stressful listening and purchasing environment. Your honest feedback on how the instruments sounded with my playing style was a great help.

~Derek B.

I would like to commend you guys on your website. I have been listening to and drooling over the guitars for over 2 years. Keep up the great service to all the guitarists. Thanks again.


Sweet Baby Jesus!... Whoa Daddy!... Aye Carrumba!... Arriba!

Don't know what to tell you, Paul….I'm at a loss for words…it's an amazing instrument. I think you said it was magic…you may be right.

~Bob M.

...for my money you have one of, if not the, best guitar websites around; easy to use, good pictures, nice specs and good editorials on the instruments. You do good work and I just wanted you to know there are a few of us out here who appreciate the quality of the site. Wow, you people get some real nice instruments! Thank you and I hope it continues.

~Jeff M.

I've purchased new guitars that were in worse condition than this! Did the original owner ever play it?

~Steve H. - UK

I absolutely LOVE the Oribe classical you sent me. Thanks so much! Can't wait to do it again.


Thanks for everything. I really appreciate the nice communication and easy way of transaction.

Best regards from Berlin town.

~Uwe - Germany

The guitar arrived today. Just BEAUTIFUL and with the FANTASTIC sound that I anticipated! Thanks so much! ... I look forward to telling many people about Dream Guitars® !


My Alberico has just arrived! I love it!! Thank you for helping me through the process. (Nice job packing it too). I was very happy with your attention to detail and I also appreciated the fact that Paul took the time to help me with my questions and decisions.


I feel strongly that Dream Guitars® brings the guitar purchasing experience to a new standard; I've been around a while and these past few years dealing with you have been great.


Not sure who my lovely wife dealt with (possibly all of you) re: my rather splendid Christmas / 40th birthday present but I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks – the guitar is really special to me and Amy tells me you guys couldn't have been more helpful. …. I hope it is enough to say thanks a million and if I buy another guitar (to keep this one company on cold British winter evenings) then I won't need to look any further than you guys. Many thanks and best wishes.


The guitar arrived around noon. Nice packing job. It is a beauty. The notes just jump out. The balance across the strings is wonderful. Best acoustic I have ever played … Consider me a very satisfied customer.

~Jack H.

I want to thank you for the time that you spent on the telephone with me today. It eased my fears related to buying an instrument sight unseen over the internet. From my first contact with your company, you have been helpful and courteous. This was a major purchase for me, as you can imagine, and I appreciate your services.


I'd just like to say thanks for your quick responses to my questions and for staying on top of your business. I hate contacting a shop and getting zero response or talking to them on the phone and they have no clue what they have available, and their website has guitars on it that sold months before. By far you have the best website I've come across for guitars, lots of information, good pictures, and no one else has sound available.

~Mark E.

I can't say enough how pleased I am with this purchase. The beauty of the Kiso Klein OMK coming out of its case was overwhelming, needless to say my husband is very happy with his birthday present and so am I because I'll be next! Great customer service over the phone, all questions were answered completely by Paul who just took all the time in the world to make sure I was purchasing the right guitar for my husband. Thanks again, its wonderful that you can still get that good feeling and trust in dealing with the right people.

~Nita W.

Not only the best selection of fine instruments, but a place where I could explore and discover first-hand what best fit my style. The acoustics in your demo room were outstanding. And the Dream Guitars® Showroom was an extension of your website: straight ahead, welcoming, and supportive.

~Dennis H.

Dear Paul, I hesitated responding for a few days because I didn't want the emotion to get in the way. Bottom line, besides the obvious fact that this guitar is so visually stunning, the tone really spoke to me. What good fortune to find this combination. I consider myself very lucky. She is one beautiful instrument.

~Roy R.

My experience with Dream Guitars® has been top drawer. If you are ever in need of a recommendation from a satisfied customer don't hesitate to contact me.

~Vince V.

Last night I wrote down all 42 solid wood acoustic guitars I have owned since 1982, what I liked and didn't, why I moved on, and any that I missed having. Next to the SJT I wrote one word: perfect.

They will bury me with this one. It's not a guitar, it's a piano.

~Satisfied Customer

It is a beautiful piece and just as you described. I am very happy with and thank you for your service. Thanks again, and when I'm ready for another guitar I'll be sure to check with you.

~John W.

I'd be happy to be included in your testimonials. I'm supposed to be painting the garage, but I'm workin' on my calluses instead......

~Jim V.

The Tippin arrived last night. I couldn't put it down! Wow. New, good things are already falling under my fingers...Much obliged!

~Satisfied Customer

Greetings. It's been almost a year since I visited Dream Guitars®, and I'm still loving my preowned cedar-top Ryan MGC.

~Satisfied Customer

Upon opening the case I was overwhelmed by its beauty. You certainly live up to your name. Thank you again.

~Jerry G.

Hi Paul, Just thought I'd let you know that the guitar was a HUGE success, and an amazing instrument, you certainly were right about that! Thanks again for all your help.

~Julie - [Julie bought a guitar sight unseen for her boyfriend, what a gal!]

Dear Paul & Al, Over my many years of playing, I've dealt with numerous guitar dealers and you are one of the best. It is nice to know there are folks like you that actually can discuss the tonal qualities of the guitars they are selling. Again, thanks for your assistance and ears!