Want to know the current value of your instruments? The instrument market is ever changing, tonewood scarcity and other market factors constantly alter the value of custom, boutique and vintage instruments. Dream Guitars can tell you exactly what your instrument is worth.

We offer two types of appraisal: a verbal/email appraisal based on photos and description and a written, dated and signed appraisal on Dream Guitars letterhead for instruments that are physically inspected by our staff.

Appraisals are $300.

The process is simple:

  1. You can contact us to speak with an associate about sending photos of your instrument. We will need 5-10 photos covering each area of the instrument [Front, back, headstock, tuners, neck joint, etc.]. From photos we can only provide a verbal/email appraisal.
  2. Call to make payment for the appraisal fee.
  3. Optionally, you may send us the instrument or make an appointment for a thorough physical inspection and a written estimate that is signed and dated on letterhead.