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 Delicately balancing tone and structural integrity, each instrument is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Using only the highest quality materials available, traditional methods, and hand tools, every instrument I build is unique and individual. I spent a number of years under apprenticeship to internationally renowned guitar maker Sergei de Jonge and can consequentially trace my pedagogical roots back to such historical figures as Marcello Barbero and Jose Ramirez. Generous with the wisdom he has gleaned from years in the art, truly inspirational are about the only words that suit Sergei,and I am very honoured and eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.

With a background in classical music and orchestral stringed instruments, I was a youth that exhibited a significant affinity for music. I began studying the violin at the age of three and from that point on it became the focus of my childhood. It is likely safe to say that amongst my peers I was the only twelve year old with a favourite recording of Bach's “Violin Sonatas and Partitas”. This study of music eventually led me to join a performance group and for a number of years toured internationally. Eventually, I found my way to post secondary education and studied: philosophy, literature, poetry, and art history. I draw a lot of inspiration for my instruments from great artists of the past and much of my design aesthetic has its foundation in artistic paradigm. During my early twenties I discovered the classical guitar and it has become my predominant muse.

Montreal, Canada
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