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While searching for great affordable guitars we were delighted to find that Luthiers Michael Bashkin and Harry Fleishman created some new designs for Avian Guitars. Avian guitars are constructed in a dedicated new state-of-the-art production facility by craftspeople trained by Luthier Michael Bashkin himself. In their words: "Our workshop is a purpose built modern facility near Guangzhou China which is permanently supervised and directed by western musicians and luthiers just like yourself. Our workers are all in their 20's 30's or 40's and are very well looked after. The workshops are fully air conditioned where necessary(as is essential for making high quality instruments) so the work environment is very pleasant even in the very warm summers.They earn very good wages by Asian standards and live absolutely free. We house them in modern comfortable rooms, they pay nothing for lodging, food or utilities. They work a 44 hour week - unless they wish to do overtime for which they are well paid. Indeed virtually ALL of them will have more residual income at the end of the month than their western counterparts !"You will be pleased to hear that for several years now there has been a factory act in China which rid the quickly developing nation of untoward practices. Of course there are some clandestine industries (like the rag trade) which bend the laws and give everyone else a bad name but I can assure you that does not happen in our trade. Most westerners would love to have the conditions that our luthiers and their support staff enjoy !"You are more than welcome, as is anybody, to visit our workshops at any time. "
I'm delighted to now carry Avian Guitars. I've been looking long and hard for truly great guitars that every player can afford and enjoy. For years players have asked me for instruments they won't be afraid to travel and gig with but they did not want to sacrifice tone or playability. The Avian guitars are exactly that! Killer tone, sweet feel, clean construction and priced for everyone. Whether you're new to the instrument, or a seasoned player looking to add some innovation to your arsenal, an Avian guitar is sure to bring years of satisfaction to your musical journey.
Songbird, Skylark
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