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A former student of Sergei De Jonge, Allan Beardsell has spent the past decade or so quietly creating some of the most innovative and sonically unique guitars around. Recently featured on the "Great Acoustics" page of Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Allan has also received unsolicited commissions from musical luminaries like Henry Kaiser and Lou Reed.

Al's guitars are very unique and refreshing. The first thing that strikes you is the shear power and responsiveness. Due to his radial back bracing and original bracing ideas throughout, his guitars are more responsive than traditionally braced guitars. This makes them project extremely well and the soundports allow the player to enjoy it as much as someone out in front.But they are not just loud, tonally they are rich and complex with fat notes over the entire fingerboard. There is just a hint of archtop quality as well which makes them very versatile. I've had the opportunity to listen to my customers play many styles on Beardsells from blues to bluegrass to rock and fingerstyle jazz and the guitars just morph to support each genre. They are among the most versatile guitars out there today. Then of course there is the aesthetic which is full of fresh lines and eye-catching details. They are also an exceptional value starting around $3500.
Ontario, Canada
Lou Reed, Henry Kaiser
2G Steel, 4G Steel, 9C Nylon, 7E Electric, 5A Mandolin, HG1 Harp Guitar
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