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Born in Windsor, Ontario, and growing up next to the large musical centre of Detroit, Marc early on developed an eclectic taste in music.He began playing guitar at the age of ten, and progressed through many musical styles from folk through the British invasion, and finally as a blues rock guitarist in his early twenties.In 1974, two things occurred that changed Marc's life. He decided that he didn't want to make a living at music, and he met the Canadian guitar maker Jean Larriveé.Inspired by the beauty of his instruments, Marc decided to dive headlong into the world of luthiery.Struggling at first by trial and error, he managed to stick with it, and now realized that he couldn't have made a more rewarding career choice. Today, Marc lives in the town of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, doing what he loves to do, building acoustic guitars.

We've been working with Marc Beneteau for a number of years and are always inspired by his clear, articulate tone. We have sold many of his guitars and we consistently letters of gratitude from their owners who are happy to have found their musical soulmates in Beneteau Guitars.
St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
Tony McManus, Don Ross, Craig D'Andrea
L-00 Nick Lucas, M, Concert Standard, Baritone, 00, 000, Concert Grand, Mini Jumbo, 0 Cutaway, OM