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Bernabe, Paulino
Paulino Bernabe Sr. and his son Paulino Bernabe Jr. are revered for building some of the finest concert guitars in the spanish tradition.
At the age of 17 I began my career as a guitar maker apprentice, with the best and most difficult Maestro; he was a very perfectionist and any job he taught me had to be well done; He was always telling me the secrets of the use of the tool and the knowledge of the life of the woods; Thus, first I learned from my Master, and then over the years I was able to work as equals, always attentive to his advice and his good ways of seeing a profession that he had as an art. And together we have spent 30 years of daily work, even when we were resting or having vacations, we were always thinking about the future and how to get the Great Guitar. Now that challenge is mine and I hope that after his death, he will always help me to get what I wanted the most, to continue making guitars, which is what he prepared me for throughout his life. And I hope to do the same with my children, if they want to continue this beautiful profession of making good guitars.

Bernabe guitars are strong and vibrant and capable of great emotion. They are true tools for the master musician and lover of guitar.
Madrid, Spain
John Williams
All, Clasico, Concierto, Especial, Imperial, Royal, Torres
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