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I've been building guitars and traveling all my life. That's what I love. I spent my childhood growing up in Israel, learning to build stringed instruments from my father and grandfather, who were both violin builders.After my military service I went traveling. I went to Europe, South America, Central America, and eventually wound up in New York, where I continued building guitars.During my travels, I went to Spain, where I studied Flamenco and classical guitar... I visited many builders here in America as well. I guess seeing so much traditional building made me want to go for something a little further... a little more challenging than a standard classical guitar. Recently I've gained notoriety as the builder who will try anything new. But to tell you the truth, I'd rather be known as "the musicians' builder".I have spent most of my life looking for acoustically perfect sound in the classical guitar. And my goal is to reach a level of perfection in each of my instruments, consistently, that has not yet been achieved by any luthier. This interest led me to the late Richard Schneider, who was a good friend and an inspiration, not to mention in Andres Segovia's opinion the man " whose hands lies the future of the classical guitar".

I've known of Boaz guitars for years and am delighted to have the chance to work with Elkayam. He is a visionary luthier pushing the envelope and created truly exciting instruments.
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