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I grew up in a small town in Italy's north-east and now I live in Milano. I love the countryside but I moved here to have more opportunities to easily meet the musicians I love... and I gotta say that I also love this city, it's very vibrant! I started building guitars 10 years ago. I built mostly classical studying the work of Torres and Hauser, amazing projects, light guitars that are able to reach impressive levels of colors in the sound. I have more of a rock/folk soul, and I think my "mission" is to serve the musicians I love, so a couple of years ago I also started making a steel strings model applying all the things I learned from the studies of the classicals. I wanted to make something personal, extremely lightweight and with a resonance lower than the standards, this creates a sound that is very warm, on focus and deep but using a body that is not like a jumbo. I’m a professional luthier, guitars have become my life. I have built many: they are the result of the passion and study of the great guitar makers of the past. These same guitars today are around the world and are played now in various continents: this is the aspect that makes me most proud of my work.
Milano, Italy
Torres Model, Hermann Hauser “1937 Andrès Segovia”, The Folk Size 0

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