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I started building guitars almost by accident. I had been repairing instruments for over 15 years when I made the decision to build my first acoustic guitar. For years, friends and customers had been trying to convince me to start building, but I was content with repairing and restoring instruments. I was very busy, making a living, and really enjoying the work, so why start building? What made me decide to become a Luthier? I guess you could say it was necessity. I build my guitars by hand, in small batches of two to three guitars at a time. I only use the finest materials I can find, and my search for those materials never stops. I take every possible unknown into consideration, and if it has the potential to make the guitar sound better, I’m going to use it. I am a craftsman. I don’t rush anything. I’m not in this to break any records, and I’m certainly not re inventing the wheel. So, what makes my guitars different? Simply put, I’m trying to build the absolute best guitar there is every time I step into my shop.
Bend, OR
MJ, AJ (Advanced Jumbo), T, 00-12, 00-14, 000-12C, 000-14C, 000-14 12 String, OM, D
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