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As far back as I can remember, music has been a defining dimension of my life. Having fallen in love with the guitar as a young child, it has since been a continual, central source of joy, comfort, and solace to me. My training has included the study of music, audio engineering, and guitar construction theory and techniques. I have spent a number of years first as a performer, and later as a recording engineer. Over the past several years I have worked to integrate these experiences into my work as a luthier.

Dan and Sean Bresnan have a profound love for music. Both fell in love with the guitar at a young age, and have found it to be a continual source of joy and comfort in their lives. It is their hope to help bring this feeling out in other musicians through their craft of lutherie. Dan’s background includes the study of music at NYU, professional experience as a recording engineer, and over 35 years as a performing guitarist. Dan brings together all of these experiences along with his unique sensitivity to the physical and inspirational effects of playing an instrument. Sean followed in Dan’s footsteps, studying guitar performance at Berklee College of Music and playing professionally before beginning his apprenticeship with his father. He’s driven to learn all that he can, match his father’s precision, and to elevate the Bresnan Guitars legacy for years to come. The Bresnan’s believe the bond between a player and their instrument is paramount. The ease with which the guitar facilitates exciting tonal possibilities defines this relationship. For this ultimate goal to be achieved, Dan and Sean approach the entire building process as a pursuit of perfection, painstakingly ensuring the highest level of attention to detail.
Om, GS, OO