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Eddie Lee Brown is fresh on the scene and excited to be here! A newer luthier, Brown's already created some interesting innovations in his work, and the tone of these first guitars is astounding.Brown discovered his love of music when playing guitar and bass in a traveling rock band in the 1970s before pursuing fingerstyle arrangements from that point forward. A Renaissance man, Brown has also been a photographer, artist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and electrical engineer.For six years, Brown has been building guitars, and for several years before that Brown built Native American flutes as an introduction to wooden instrument construction. Using his years in medical and scientific fields, Brown approaches lutherie with a profoundly human and pragmatic attention to detail. Simply put, Brown has been a craftsman since day one.
Eddie Lee is a wonderful human being, and a gifted builder. His weighted OM has got lots of low-end, but maintains its balanced voice through Eddie Lee's delicate touch.
Fort Collins, CO
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