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Brown, Eddie Lee
Eddie Lee Brown is a Luthier on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado. Having played guitars for over 45 years, he is well versed in what feels good in a player’s hands. He places a high value on playability as well as on sound. Eddie Lee started researching the mechanics and science behind creating a guitar with great tone and playability. Besides being in a touring band in younger years, he had careers as an Electrical Engineer, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an Artist (bonsai grower, photographer, and producing stained glass windows), and a Music Repair person in a music instrument store. When someone comments that those are disparate careers, he explains that those skill sets are actually quite similar to what is necessary to understand and build a great guitar. Being an engineer gives him a basis to understand the physics which allows a guitar to produce a superb tone. Also having designed, built and delivered electronics systems gives him the feel of how to convert theory into high performance products. His goal is to combine old school guitar building techniques with modern scientific techniques, thus getting the best out of both worlds. He believes that his experience both as an artist and in the healing arts gives him insight and feel for the old hands-on techniques.
Fort Collins, Colorado

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