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I have been a full time professional luthier since 1978, and have built and sold about 1,800 instruments.  I have an MA in Medieval English Literature, and have been very interested in Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque lutes and guitars.  I made about 1,300 lutes, which may be more than any other maker since the Renaissance. I served on the board of directors of the Lute Society of America, and hosted their annual summer seminar here in Asheville.  Lectured on the history of the lute in several places, including the Smithsonian Institution.  Also built many violins, violas, and cellos, 11 of which were bought by members of the Asheville Symphony Orchestra.  My familiarity with the old instruments in European and American museums has enabled me to restore many damaged original instruments to playability.

Larry Brown is another great Luthier that has located here in Western North Carolina in the recent years. He has a vast experience building Lutes, Violins, Steel and Nylon String Guitars. With over 1800 instruments under his built, his hands have created more tone than most Luthiers ever will. We are delighted to be offering Brown guitars.
Asheville, NC
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