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During my life, I have owned guitars from almost every guitar manufacturer including several nice custom guitars. While playing these instruments, I noticed things that I liked and disliked about each guitar. I have always searched for a certain tone, loud, warm and full. Since I have worked with wood my entire life, building guitars seemed like something I had to try. So my quest began for "THE TONE".My philosophyBurchette Guitars are a combination of several guitars I have owned and or played. I use a modified x brace system, a simple bracing that is time tested. I simply use 2 or 3 less braces than the traditional x. I load the guitar top so it will be more responsive like the head of a drum. The bridge is a take on the Kasha Theory and its shape follows the curves of the guitar body. It is an impedance matching bridge with a larger mass on the bass end and less mass on the treble end. Think of it as a woofer and a tweeter. I also place the bridge more in the center of the lower bout by using a 13 fret neck to body joint.I use all solid wood on my guitars. I just do not like the look of plastic wrapped around the edges of beautiful wood. All solid woods are more difficult, but worth it. Burchette Guitars are finished with nitro lacquer. This finish is perfect for guitars, thin, hard and time tested. I use several types of glues during the different stages including hide glue for the bracing.Why do I build?I want to build beautiful instruments that catch the eye and the ear! I love using different combinations of exotic and figured woods. My main goal is for the sound to catch your soul. I want people to be inspired. That little extra sustain, that growl, those sweet overtones get people playing and trying new things. The sound is what it is all about anyway. I love music and if I can help someone make music and want to play, then I have done my job.
Elkin, North Carolina
Darrell Scott, Paul Thorn, Echo Greywolf, Edwin McCain, Mitch Malloy
Grand Soloist, Jumbo, Parlor, Sloped D, 12-String, Wedge
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