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Amalio Burguet born in Catarroja , a small village near the sunny city of Valencia, in 1951. He develops an enormous ability to build guitars from very young working in various workshops and he becomes a master of the production line. However he admired the craftsmanship of the handmade guitars, those built in a workshop by one person. He soon restarts his musical training, years of conservatory and begins to delve into the craft aspects, studying the processing of materials more in depth (especially the treatment of wood) and construction processes.In 1984 his dream came true, he opened his own workshop in Catarroja. It is here where he applies everything he has learned, building high quality handmade guitars , but at the same time affordable for all, professionals and students.His hands transform wood into pure art. More than three decades of knowledge put into practice. Currently continues to work in his small family workshop with his two children, Vanessa and Damian, looking to create the perfect guitar.
Valencia, Spain
Grand Soloist, Jumbo, Sloped D, Parlor, Trad-D, Octave
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