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Carvalho, Samuel
In 1985 he attended the Municipal Conservatory of Guarulhos and in 1989 began a Bachelor of Guitar at the University Mozarteum. It was during this period, while still finishing his bachelor who felt the need for a high-level instrument, he was motivated to enter the world of manufacturing of guitars. Among his main references are the guitars Sergio Abreu, Hermann Hauser, Ignacio Fleta, who served as the study material, research and reflection, leading him to making handmade instruments by 1995.Gradually been reducing its activity as a teacher of guitar and a greater emphasis on the activity of luthier.Participated in professional activities for a period of five years (1996-2001) linked to the manufacture of stringed instruments in the business sphere, as leader, entrepreneur and consultant for various companies (function occasionally holds today). He resumed his old passion for the art of building guitars in 2001 to mirror its performance influencers in the art of playing the instrument as Paul Martelli, Peter Martelli, Sergio Abreu, Andres Segovia, Fabio Zanon, etc., as much as the art of construction instruments such as Rubio, Fleta, Romanillos, Hauser, Conde Hermanos, etc.. 8 years working with his brother, Emanuel Carvalho, who has taught at the music school of the family for some years, having entered into partnership in building guitars in the interim. The constant search for developing the quality of their instruments, provided you go beyond the making of the 6-string guitars, so it also started to build instruments of 7, 8, 10 and 11 strings always counting on the support of critics and friends who use their tools.

Carvalho Double Top guitars offer a lot for the player seeking a quality guitar at a great price.
Paulo Martelli, Paulo Porto Alegre
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