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Master guitar builder and author Michael Collins is one of the few luthiers in North America to build reproductions of the Selmer and Maccaferri style guitar. These unique and soulful instruments were first noticed when used by the incomparable Django Reinhardt and the Quintette of the Hot Club of France (QHCF).Michael builds the guitars in the traditional style as they were built in the Selmer factory in Paris in the 1930s and 40s, which yields a traditional voice and timbre. Generally, there are two types of gypsy Jazz Guitars. The Grande Bouche (or D-hole, on the right below) was Mario Maccaferri's original concept, which housed a resonator behind the sound hole. When Django Reinhardt began playing with the QHCF, this was the guitar both he and the rhythm section used.After a falling out between Mario Maccaferri and the Selmer Company, the Petite Bouche was born. These guitars feature a very long scale, 670 mm, and feature a 14th fret neck joint. These were used by Django later on, and are considered by most, the lead guitar for Gypsy Jazz.Michael Collins Guitars are earning rave reviews in the Gypsy Jazz community as well as acoustic guitar aficionados and Jazz box players. All guitars are hand made to order and available for full customization! Take a look (and listen) and get ready to play!
Michael Collins graduated from the Roberto Venn School of Luthiery in 1992. He has made Harpsichords, and Fortepianos while working for Hubbard & Broekman Harpsichords in Boston. He began making reproductions of Selmer style instruments in 2002, and wrote the definitive book describing that process which was published in 2006. He makes acoustic flat top guitars, arch top instruments, French steel string jazz guitars, electric guitars and hand wound pickups that are made to order. He lives and creates in Arizona.
Argyle, NY
Whit Smith, Ritary Ensemble, The Texas Gypsies, David Dunlap, Ameranouche Richard Sheppard
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