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Composite Acoustics
CA guitars are the ultimate in a care-free or travel instrument. They are virtually indestructible and sun, cold and even rain won't bother them. You can leave them in your car, your summer home and check them on an airplane without concern. But most importantly they sound wonderful, full and rich and they play like butter. Great for low tunings also.
Lafayette, Louisiana
Gordon Titcomb, Israel Houghton, Porter Howell (Little Texas), Arlo Guthrie, Carl Bell (Fuel), Barlow Girl, Point of Grace, Wendy Colonna, Donovan Kealoha, Joshua Havens (The Afters), Bear Rinehart (Need to Breathe), Bryan Austin (Clint Black), Gary Baker
Vintage, GX, X, Cargo, Baritone, 12-String, Legacy
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