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Contreras II, Manuel
Born in 1957, Manuel Contreras the second was trained by his father since he was very young and took over definitively the direction of the workshop in 1986. Since then, he has continued the same line of work, not only because of the construction of the characteristic models of Contreras workshop, but also showing his innovative spirit inherited from his father, which has led him to widely develop different aspects of those models construction, as well as to introduce in 1998 the guitar with inner "Sounding Back Support".Contreras' work has deserved a number of awards and homages over the years in Spain and many other countries. And these have included those ones conceded by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce (Export award, Traditional Establishment and Traditional Artisan from Madrid), that from the Spanish Guitar School as Honorary Member, Friend of Madrid conceded by the Tourist Board, Main Master of the Artisan Guild of Madrid, and medals from Salon de Provence and from the city of Digne en France, among others. Although, doubtless, the main homage received is the large number of performers that everyday are sounding the Contreras Guitar on the stages all around the world.

Contreras guitars are legendary in the classical guitar world. Manuel Contreras II continues today what his Father started in 1962, after his tenure with Jose Ramirez. Using the finest materials and the skills his father taught him from an early age, Manuel Contreras II creates masterpiece instruments of concert quality. We love the power and clarity they offer and are proud to now be a dealer for Contreras guitars.
Madrid, Spain
Pepe Romero, Angel Romero, Celedonio & Celin Romero, Jorge Cardoso, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey, Carlos Perez, Iliana Matos, Eduardo Baranzano, Andrei Parfinovich, Ayrtem Dervoed, Miguel Angel Girollet, Ernesto Cordero
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