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D'Aquisto, James L.
Jimmy D'Aquisto: "James L. D'Aquisto (1935-1995) was an American guitar maker best known as one of the premier makers of custom archtop guitars. He served as an apprentice to John D'Angelico in the early 1950s and was considered his successor after the latter's death in 1964. From his shop in Farmingdale, New York, D'Aquisto became the top guitar maker from the late 1960s until his death in 1995. Today, his guitars sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and some expect that the first guitar in history to sell above the $1,000,000 mark will be a D'Aquisto."
Farmingdale, New York
Joe Puma, Jim Hall, Craig Snyder
A, A-1, and B, Excel, New Yorker, Solo, Ultra, Crossover Nylon, Teardrop, Jazz Line, Centura, Avant Garde, 7-String, 12-String
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