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Joshia de Jonge Guitars
Growing up in a family of guitar makers it was not unusual for us to have dinner-table debates about Sitka versus Englemann, Indian Rosewood versus Brazilian. My brothers and I strived to out-do each other and meet the high standards of our father, Sergei de Jonge. I was thirteen when I built my first guitar in 1992. What began as an interesting pass-time has grown into a life’s passion of honing my craft and perfecting the intricacies of design. I primarily learnt from my father, having worked alongside him for much of my career, then later assisting as a teacher in his guitar-building courses, and I was also fortunate to spend time with Géza Burghardt, who taught me French polishing. I have since moved into my own worshop in the rugged Gatineau Hills of western Québec, Canada. Building a limited number of guitars a year allows me to pay close attention to detail. While volume is important, quality of tone is imperative. With every instrument I craft I strive to achieve a full, pure tone that inspires and compliments each player.
Quebec, Canada
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