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While enjoying a successful career in photography with Disnay, Robert ("Bob") Desmond began building classical guitars. In 2013 Desmond decided to forgo his job with Disney and began building full time, which he continues today.
I have been building fine concert classical guitars since 1991. In that time, I have had much success and very few failures. I was very fortunate to meet the legendary classical guitar maker, Manuel Velazquez, in 1992. It is through his teachings and encouragement that I have become a guitar maker. Maestro Velazquez has shown me, through his own instruments, what qualities a great guitar should possess. I am continually challenging myself in the difficult work that I do, never being satisfied with my past accomplishments, but always looking towards the future, and what new challenges might lie ahead. I never build the exact same guitar twice, trying continually to improve my work based on past experiences. Each guitar is an entity in itself, entirely unique, one of a kind. Working in this manner gives me much freedom to make changes as I see fit. I usually let the wood lead me in the right direction.
Orlando, FL
Classical, Flamenco
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