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Devoe, Lester
"In the early 1970's I began the study of the classical guitar and later the flamenco guitar, with aspirations of becoming a professional player. After one memorable lesson where I had the opportunity to play my teacher's 1924 Santos Hernández, I began a search to purchase a guitar with that sound and response. It became apparent to me that this style of guitar was no longer being made. With encouragement of a local, retired luthier, I started to make a guitar for myself, copying my teacher's guitar and studying the guitars from my friend's collection of rare instruments. I kept the pattern and memory of the Santos Hernández as I tried my new ideas of construction. Some of the refinements I have developed involve more accurate fret placement, string compensation, top doming, stress-free assembly and internal bracing design that make my guitars unique and consistent in sound and feel."
Flamenco, Classical
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