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Dion Guitars
Dion Guitars are modern steel-string acoustics known for their striking minimalism. Quick and responsive whether played light or loud, they have a clear voluminous voice, a complex range of sound, and vibrant sustain.

Emphasizing line and proportion, the design philosophy behind Dion Guitars asks what can be removed rather than what can be added.

Builder Dion James operates out of a shared shop in the prairie city of Edmonton, Canada, producing eight to ten guitars each year. With a deep respect for the tradition of innovation in lutherie, Dion’s approach builds on the elements of the guitar that have proven successful over time while adapting those that have not.

The same belief informs each of Dion’s builds: that the beauty of the acoustic guitar lies in the instruments essential function and that it should inspire use as well as admiration.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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