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Dominelli, Marcus

 Marcus Dominelli makes Classical and Flamenco guitars from Canada.He is known for building with a raised fingerboard and bracing in traditional and lattice braced styles. 

I grew up near Vancouver, B.C. on the edge of the mountains, and next to the ocean. I built my first guitar in 1996. I had been a mechanic (both cars and bikes), a woodworker, university graduate, world traveler, and a few other things before that. I realized I loved working with my hands as a young boy. I liked the meditative aspect of getting lost (or found) in my work. I would loose track of time. I grew up in a musical family. There were always a couple of guitars around the house for us to pick up and play. I was a teenager during the 80s - that decade of the “Electric Guitar Hero.” I had an electric guitar and a huge 100watt tube amp as well. It was a fun time to be learning the guitar. I took formal lessons in both acoustic and classical guitar, but mostly I was self taught. A lot of musical inspiration came from my family and friends. While undergoing a cabinet making apprenticeship in my mid 20's, it occured to me that I could learn to make my own guitars! (What a concept!) I built myself an electric guitar, because it was an easy place to start. There were very few resources for learning the art of lutherie back then, aside from a few books. I decided to quit my cabinet making apprenticeship and go to guitar making school. I have been operating Dominelli Guitars for over 20 years now. Business has steadily been getting better, and I currently ship guitars all over North America, and occasionally to Europe and Asia. I appreciate the fact that people are willing to pay for quality and customization in this day and age of factory production. A fine handmade classical guitar is a delight to play, and can be a great investment.

Dominelli is a highly sought after young maker of fine classical guitars. I like his design elemements such as the raised fingerboard and lattice bracing. His guitars sound traditional and fresh at the same time.
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