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Kent has built guitars for Brad Paisley, Shawn Mullins, Amy Ray (Indigo Girls) and many more. Since the 1980s Kent has become a very in demand builder creating instruments known for their voice and playability."Hi Paul- I'm typing with my nose so I won't have to put the Everett down. It's a wonderful guitar. Thanks for bringing it to my attention." - Bill W. [a happy customer]
Kent "Carlos" Everett began his love of building guitars in 1977, and has had a guitar in the works ever since. He is primarily self-taught. "I have learned a lot from many different people. Does that mean I am self-taught? The two people who have influenced me the most are: Devon Bogue for teaching me the meaning of craftsmanship; and Wade Lowe for teaching me that it is OK to be passionate about your work."

Kent is one of those builders who has something to say with his instruments, a voice. His craftsmanship is superior and the tone of his instruments is inspiring.
Atlanta, Georgia
Brad Paisley, Shawn Mullins, Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), Don Conoscenti, Tim Wampler
Celona, Elon, Catalina, Metrocaster, Alienzo, Valentino
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