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I do several things in my building that are non-traditional, namely with my bracing design. I have experimented heavily in my bracing approach - deviating from your typical Martinesque x-braced design. My bracing philosophy is to build a light but very strong frame from the bridge to the headblock and leave the lower bout as free as possible. I have come up with a bracing design that exemplifies these goals. T BracingMy exterior design goals are very classical but are also modern at the same time. I have incorporated the binding/purfling scheme throughout the design to yield an intelligent and artistic feel to the guitar - I think I have succeeded in creating a unique and beautiful look. I think the most promising characteristic of a great luthier is a drive for perfection. It makes no sense to spend over a 150 hours on an instrument just to make it okay. And I think that is why I love lutherie so much. It is a great expression of spontaneous creativity and purposed design. It is both intellectual and hands-on. And it is more than just fine woodworking because it is a blending of those skills with the mediums of art and music. In summary, I have found few things more satisfying than stringing up a guitar for the first time - knowing that all my hard work will be passed on to another to be used as a springboard for their own passion and creativity. Simon Fay
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Jim Tozier
Modern Orchestra Model (OM)
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