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  The guitars made by Ignacio Fleta are renowned for their tremendous power, making them ideal for the concert hall. Fleta   made his first guitar in 1930, having already constructed many violins and cellos. After hearing Andre Segovia playing in 1955, Fleta was inspired with the determination to make good guitars, and he produced a guitar for Segovia, which was played by the master all over the world.

Fleta's violin-making background can be seen in his method of making the guitar - he preferred to complete the sound box, or body of the instrument first, and then joined the neck on afterwards, in the same way that violins are assembled. The plan offered here shows Fleta's method, but it is equally possible to follow his design in all respects except for the neck joint, which can be done in the traditional Spanish way.

Of special interest in Fleta's design is his strutting pattern, which employs nine fan struts and  a sloping harmonic   bar, which helps to increase the volume and clarity of the treble notes.

Fleta guitars are among the very best ever made. Known for their power and project, they can easily fill a large hall with beautiful music. In addition to Ignacio, his sons Gabriel and Francisco, who built with him, contribute greatly to the guitar world.
Barcelona, Spain
Andres Segovia, John Williams, Alirio Diaz, Turibio Santos, Carlos Bonell, Marcelo Kayath, Jorge Morel, Adam Holzmann, Dagoberto Linhares
Concert, All
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    Fleta Concert Classical Guitar

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    One of the miracles of classical guitar building in the twentieth century, Ignacio Fleta has contributed immensely to his field. In the world of nylon-stringed instruments, Fleta is a mythic figure, and his guitars are certifiably legendary. We are proud to here offer you the chance to own a part of that legend with our 1962 Fleta Concert Classical. Over 54 years old, the European Spruce top and East Indian Rosewood back and sides have completely opened up, rendering the voice immense and rich, with a flawless degree of articulation from string to string. Possessing a unique ability to completely absorb the player's attention, this Fleta is captivating: long hours will pass in what feels like only minutes as you explore the multitude of registers, voices, and modes which are hidden in the Ebony fretboard.

    Considering its age, this guitar has the typical play wear of more than five decades' worth of music, but is in otherwise excellent condition, and plays as smoothly as it must have felt when Ignacio Fleta finished the guitar in 1962. The low-end hangs in the air as though it were never to leave, so rich is the sustain, and the trebles cut with almost surgical precision; delicate overtones lending ghostly color to your Classical arrangements. A piece of guitar history, this Fleta is kind of instrument that many luthiers strive to create, and almost none achieve. Thankfully, Fleta was more than an ordinary luthier, and this Concert is more than an ordinary Classical.

    SCALE LENGTH 25.5900 in
    NUT WIDTH 1.9300 in
    STRING SPACING 2.2400 in
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    Fleta Concert Classical Guitar

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    There are few guitar makers who are as legendary as Ignacio Fleta, His guitars were so well regarded that the great master Andres Segovia chose a Fleta as his personal guitar for years. Along with Segovia, John Williams is a champion of the Fleta guitar. Fleta Classicals are prized for the clarity and power, they are able to fill up a concert hall better than the more delicate Torres style of guitar. This particular Fleta in East Indian Rosewood and Spruce has some of the most powerful treble strings we have heard, playing a tremelo sounds out full and clear, that is a real feat for a classical. The bass and mids are well represented here as well, they are rich and focused, never out playing the beautiful trebles, but complementing perfectly. The Fleta guitar is about as rare as they come, expecially built by Ignacio himself, even now in the third generation of builders there is a twenty year wait list for a Fleta.

    SCALE LENGTH 25.5900 in
    NUT WIDTH 2.0500 in
    STRING SPACING 2.3100 in
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    Fleta Concert Classical Guitar

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    Ignacio Fleta and his sons Gabriel and Francisco are indeed three of the most important luthiers of the 20th century. Players such as Andres Segovia, John Williams and Carlos Bonnell have made some very important recordings with Fleta guitars. This 1985 Fleta was played and owned by the great Brazilian guitarist, Marcelo Kayath, who used it on his fourth and final album "Guitar Favourites", *see the photo of the cover.

    This instrument, crafted by Gabriel Fleta, has great power and a commanding voice that is instantly recognizable as something very special. It outshines other guitars the moment you begin to play. Truly inspiring this is simply one of the finest concert guitars you will find anywhere.

    SCALE LENGTH 25.5900 in
    NUT WIDTH 2.0600 in
    STRING SPACING 2.2500 in
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