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Franklin Guitars are the work of master luthier Nick Kukich, who has more than 35 years of guitar building experience behind him. Prior to building your guitar, Nick will discuss wood selection, appointments and options with you, as well as your set-up preferences. He hand carves each neck individually, taking into account your hand size, playing style, and preference. Fulfilling a specific request regarding the size or profile (low “C” or “V”-shaped) of the neck is no problem. All necks have an adjustable truss-rod, accessible through the top of the peghead. The new design allows you to make the adjustment without removing the strings. Nick is known for his wonderful vintage style instruments built in the style of pre-war Martin guitars.
Some of my all-time favorite OMs have been Franklin Guitars. Nick builds an uncannily responsive guitar.
All, OM, Jumbo
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