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Luthier Frantisek Furch has been building wonderful instruments since the 1980s in the Czech republic. His instruments first came to America as Stonebridge Guitars, wich we love and offer here at Dream Guitars. Furch are now offering some of their original label guitars here as well. We couldn't be happier as they are extremely well built with quality woods and offer sound that simply beats most anything in a similar price range. You owe it to yourself to try a Furch or a Stonebridge as soon as you can.  

Furch Guitars, the company which Stonebridge guitars grew out of, makes extremely good guitars comparable to Collings and Goodall but at a fraction of the price. We are so delighted to have found a line of guitars that we can put our reputation behind but at a price all of our clients can afford. That means there will be more music in the world!
Czech Republic
Baritone, Travel Guitar, Millenium, Vintage, OM, Dread, Jumbo
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