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Bryan Galloup
Bryan Galloup started his career working with world-famous repairman and author Dan Erlewine. Together they pioneered lutherie techniques and tools which have become standard in the business today. Bryan took over the Guitar Hospital in 1986, when Dan moved to Ohio to do research and development for Stewart MacDonald, the guitar shop supply company. Bryan built on the business Dan created, and founded Galloup Guitars' School of Lutherie. Bryan uses the knowledge gained from thirty years of restoring fine vintage guitars to create excellent new instruments of his own. His restoration techniques have been featured in numerous magazines, books, and videos.Today the shop has now grown to become the 4500 sq. ft. climate-controlled facility that is Galloup Guitars, with wood processing capabilities that ensure the finest, most stable woods. Galloup tone woods are air seasoned after kiln drying and rotated on at least a two-year cycle so they remain stable through climate and seasonal changes.Except for the frets and tuners, every part of a Galloup Guitar is built in-house. Even the finishes are unique: resulting from Bryan's years of testing and collaboration with coating companies. The finish on your Galloup guitar is a premium high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer that doesn't dampen the instruments' acoustic performance or sacrifice wood protection.
Bryan has been repairing and making fretted musical instruments for over 40 years. As a musician, he quickly identified guitars that were noticeably better instruments which became the center of his focus. Through playing and repairing these outstanding examples laid the foundation for his understanding of what a world class instrument should be. Today, after decades as a Luthier and performer, Bryan’s understanding of the guitar market gives him an edge not many have. This is what he brings to the bench with every instrument he repairs, guitar he makes or student he teaches.
Big Rapids, Michigan
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Eclipse, Solstice, Hybrid, Borealis, Classic, Baritone