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Greg German has an intense technical background founded in Art Illustration and 3D Computer Animation. He has a varied experience in musical instruments which ranges from building vintage-replica guitar amplifiers toworking as an apprentice in Edward V. Dick's repair shop. For several years after the apprenticeship, Edward and Greg collaborated to produce a line of steel string flattop guitars under the name Victor Guitars.
I have spent years weighing the relative merits of different guitars and found things I love and things I really hate. I’m not a guitar factory, and the instruments I make are different than a factory guitar. Factories make money by moving more units, and they use machines to crank out thousands of identical parts with amazing efficiency. I use some of the same machines, but more as a way of doing intricate procedures than to create an assembly line. To me, each guitar is a living, functional sculpture and not just a product.

For years we've known Greg's work on the Victor Guitars, now we are delighted to be representing his unique and wonderful designs. His background as an illustrator allows him to do wondrous detail work that is second to none.
Broomfield, CO
All, Belladonna, Magnolia, DB-6, DB-7, Acoustimatic, Super Custom
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