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We chose Gold Tone instruments to help us fill a niche for our clients that wanted quality instruments at an affordable price. They had to be well made, have a great musical voice and be able to stand the test of time. Gold Tone does all that and more. Truly great instruments for the working musician who needs a great tool that won't break the bank. They also allows players and collectors alike to dabble in instruments they might not normally try, Baritone Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Weissenborn, etc. Good clean fun!
Tony Trishka, Adam Hurt, Fred Sokolow, Bela Fleck, Bill Keith, Buddy Miller, Mellisa Ethridge, Neil Perry, Richard Gilewitz, Thad Beaty (Sugarland), Victor Wooten
Guitars, Banjos, Mandolins, Baritone Guitar, Weissenborn, Dobros, PBR, PBR-CA, GBG, LM, GRS

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