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I built my first guitar in 1991 while attending the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, Arizona. After graduating, I went to work for a large Southern California guitar manufacturer. While there, I experienced firsthand the large-scale production of finely crafted acoustic guitars. With this knowledge, I returned to Arizona to join the Phoenix Guitar Company, where I was responsible for the design and construction of a number of custom acoustic guitars.In 1995, I returned to the Roberto-Venn as a full time instructor. Drawing on my experiences in the real world, I was able to help modernize the acoustic guitar building curriculum. I left Roberto-Venn in 1998 and went to work at CFox Guitars until 2001.I have since established Hamblin Guitars and am now focusing on building my own line of acoustic guitars in a one-man shop in Telluride, Colorado. In the pursuit of creating a truly handmade guitar, I have taken on as many facets of the guitarmaking process as possible. Kent Hamblin
Telluride, Colorado
Doug Young, Jim Tozier
Grand Concert (GC), Small Jumbo (SJ)
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