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The Love Story...
Chicago has a music vibe that is undeniable and contagious. In 1973 , a small troupe of builders set out to build modern guitars with a vibrant vintage soul. In that moment, Hamer Guitars created the boutique custom shop guitar category. It is fitting that the home of the blues gave birth to the finest electric guitars on earth.

This is the Hamer story and legacy. It is about artisans dedicated to creating the finest instruments, from the best materials. The truth is that at Hamer we outbid everyone for the top tone woods, over inspect, and select the cream, leaving the rest to the less discriminating builders. Then we lavish more time and attention on every detail than is possible in a mass production environment. Each Hamer guitar is truly hand-built in a manner unparalleled anywhere else. Naturally this process is not inexpensive, but this is not our goal. Our desire is to build soul into the finest crafted electrics in the world. Period. The evidence of our passion can be seen in every part of our instruments. Starting with the frets, which are individually hand-seated to a precise radius with an accuracy that eliminates the need for fret filing. The result is a playing surface that is laser-straight and plays like a dream right out of the box.

Hamer guitars are a big part of guitar history. Rock n' Roll owes a debt to Hamer.
Rick Nielsen, Billy Joel, Keb 'Mo
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