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Hauser, Hermann III
Legendary guitar making Dynasty dating back to 1854, with Josef Hauser, precursor of a history and a legacy that has produced some of the brightest moments in the modern history of the guitar. A saga that still maintains a worldwide prestige and whose work continues attracting the admiration of the best guitarists and the respect of the greatest luthiers. Hermann Hauser III (1958) joined the workshop of his father at an early age and from 1974 began building his own guitars separately from those of his father, with his own name and signature, but keeping the same philosophy, "building only a few guitars so that you can vouch for each instrument, ensuring the highest level and maximum satisfaction of guitarists". To achieve such a target, Hermann Hauser III has devoted much time to the study of ancient instruments and to the construction techniques, always looking to get better, an instrument already considered by many as the perfect guitar. But the secret of the sound of a Hauser guitar is not only in the technical work, but in the selection of special woods, many between 50 and 100 years old, but especially to the dedication, time and love for the profession.
Reisbach, Germany
Andres Segovia, Pepe Romero
Concert Classical
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