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German guitar manufacturer Hermann Hauser I, son of Josef Hauser, holds a leading position among luthiers worldwide. He learned the art of building instruments in his father´s workshop. Later on, he took over the workshop, while his father still managed the music publishing house. Hermann Hauser I specialized in building lutes and guitars, but also abode by making zithers. In the range of the Guitarist Movement in Bavaria, Hermann Hauser I built a variety of different guitars, especially the Vienna models and the Munich models in all kinds of forms, but all in absolute perfection. The Terz, Prim, and the very rare Quintbass guitars of Hermann Hauser I are of superior quality. The sound of these instruments is unrivaled even today. Based on his special virtuosity Hermann Hauser I developed technical, patented innovations concerning the construction of covers and corpus-neck connections. The Spanish virtuosi Miguel Llobet and Andres Segovia took notice of Hermann Hauser I´s art of manufacturing guitars at the beginning of the 20th century. The meeting of these precursors and masters of their trade around the turn of the century may well be called a magic moment in the history of guitars.

Hermnann Hauser I passed away in 1952.
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