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Holcomb, C.F.
Building instruments has been a romantic idea to me since childhood. To this day, even after participating in the construction of hundreds of instruments, I find my work to be inspiring and if anything, I have become more passionate about it. Over the course of ten years, I have been taught by some of the most incredible luthiers in California, including Scott Walker, Rick Turner, Jeff Traugott, and Richard Hoover (Santa Cruz Guitar Company). I use the techniques that I have learned and some that I am developing on my own to come out with a line of instruments that can be tailored to just about any musician's sound, feel, and aesthetic. I try to maintain as much contact as possible with each musician as I am building their instrument to make sure every detail is well thought out and perfectly tailored. Each day, I feel such appreciation for the beautiful life I get to live. I'm grateful that I'm able to live in a such a magificent place with my family, doing something I love for a living.
Santa Cruz, California
Kodiak, L-00, Vellutini Archtop, Vellutini, Coyote, Black Bird
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