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Huss & Dalton
Makers of exquisite acoustic guitars and banjos, Huss and Dalton Musical Instruments are world renown for their high quality and unparalleled playability. With so many wood choices and customization options available, every Huss and Dalton guitar leaves the factory as a unique work of art. Want a beautiful guitar made with old world sensibilities? Buy one from Staunton, Virginia based Huss & Dalton Guitars.
Staunton, Virginia
Shane Adkins, George Shuffler, James Alan Shelton
Square Shouldered Dreadnaught Series, Concert & OM Series, FS Model, 12-Fret Series, Slope Shouldered & Jumbo Series,
There are currently no guitars from this maker in stock. Please view our current inventory here, or request us to find you one from this maker.