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My name is Isaac Jang. I am a guitar maker. I was born in Busan, S. Korea. I moved to Los Angeles, California in 1999, and it was then that my journey began. I learned to play the guitar when I was 14 years old. After seeing Tommy Emmanuel play "Amazing Grace," my eyes were opened to the art of fingerstyle music. From that point onward, my fascination and passion for acoustic guitar sound intensified and eventually led me to lutherie. After graduating from Galloup School of Lutherie in 2007, I began my apprenticeship under the wonderful builder, admirable role model, and unmatched mentor, Kathy Wingert. During my apprenticeship, I learned skills ranging from basic construction skills to fine tuning every element of guitars. I not only learned the technical skills of guitars but also experienced Kathy's unique approach to different aspects of guitar building. Along with my apprenticeship, I worked at Westwood Music under the guidance of my beloved friend and mentor Fred Walecki. During my time there, I performed tasks including but not limited to simple restrings and setups, extensive structural reconstruction, finish repairs, and vintage instrument restorations. The opportunity to work with different players and with a wide range of instruments opened my eyes and ears to the various subtleties in sound and playability. In 2013, I started teaching acoustic guitar making at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. This teaching experience gave me new insight into guitar making, as I had to reason out each step of construction, carefully analyzing why and how guitars worked. I found that teaching students not only increased their skills but also helped me to think and build systematically. I am currently building a very limited number of instruments every year. Every great guitar starts with great wood. I handpick the finest materials, one-by-one, and build with traditional methods of guitar making. My goal is to bring the best of wood to music. Every piece of wood has its own unique characteristics and tonal qualities; therefore, I spend time to analyze and know the wood so as to bring out its fullest musical potential. Because guitars are vitally connected to the player, I will work closely with you to suit your playing style. I aspire to build an instrument that not only works but also inspires you to play. I can assure you that my meticulous construction and passion for guitar making will leave you with an instrument that makes both your voice and your heart sing. Your new go-to guitar will be built with only the best sounding finest woods, elegantly designed with the highest quality of craftsmanship. Now, let's make some music!
Los Angeles,California

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