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“As a luthier, my intention is to create guitars which fulfill the dreams of the artists who play them. My job is to turn dreams into reality. I believe life is much too short to create anything but the ultimate. Kehlet Guitars start where your dreams begin,” - Ole Kehlet

In 1973, Ole Kehlet began work as a guitar repairer. A job that gave life to a dream: To realise his own sound, design and his visions of the instrument's playability. It requires both faith and endurance to pursue your dreams, but with great efforts come great results. Today – more than three decades later – Kehlet, a highly recognized guitar ornamentation artist, too, is holding esteem as one of the leading guitar makers in Europe.

We are constantly on the look out for top quality builders. We invited Ole Kehlet to send us one of his guitars from Denmark. We were blown away and invited him to join Dream Guitars. I believe our discerning clients who want the very finest craftsmenship and voice with find something special in Kehlet Guitars.
Finn Olafsson
All, Finn Olafsson Signature Model, Folk, Grand Folk, Concert
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