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Martin Keith
Martin Keith builds contemporary steel-string guitars with a unique combination of influences from both the archtop and flattop traditions.His signature model is the Auriole, a 'jazz flattop' which offers a compelling mix of archtop-like articulation and flattop-style depth and power.Martin began working with Joe Veillette in 2000, building a very wide range of instruments,both acoustic and electric. In 2004 he first began offering instruments under his own brand,and in 2011 introduced the Auriole acoustic instruments that are now his primary focus.He also continues to offer a full line of electric basses, born from his years as a gigging bassist in NY.Instrument building is an ever evolving discipline, and the possibilities are constantly redefined by new materials and technologies, and new demands from progressive musicians. These new methods and new needs will always drive instrument builders in new directions.Martin's work strives to blend the best elements of traditional guitars with modern features and style, and to find new voices for the modern guitarist.
We've known Martin Keith for years through Joe Veillette's shop. He's a very talented builder and I love the way he's merging modern technology and tradition. The results are awesome!
Saugerties, NY
Nicholas D'Amato, Blake Gallant, J.R. Rogers, Marshall Perry, Tom Desisto & Jeff Scott
Auriole, All
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