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Martin Keith
As a working musician, I have always been aware of the difference that details, even small ones, can make in the feel, sound, and function of an instrument. These differences can be as basic as a the weight, the points of body contact, or the neck shape – they can also be more subtle, and even the small differences can affect how an instrument inspires the player. Instrument building is an ever-evolving discipline, and the possibilities are constantly redefined by new materials and technologies, and new demands from progressive musicians. These new methods and new needs will always drive instrument builders in new directions, and this exploration is the greatest joy of my craft.

We've known Martin Keith for years through Joe Veillette's shop. He's a very talented builder and I love the way he's merging modern technology and tradition. The results are awesome!
Saugerties, NY
Nicholas D'Amato, Blake Gallant, J.R. Rogers, Marshall Perry, Tom Desisto & Jeff Scott
Auriole, All
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