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​As a guitarist with a deep love for the acoustic guitar, Michael Keller began building in 1975 under the guidance of Jeffrey Elliot. He became immersed in the active luthiery scene in Portland, Oregon in 1976 and got to meet many master builders, including Richard Schneider, Jimmy D'Aquisto, Michael Gurian and Robert Lundberg. The impact of these makers on his career was enormous as they exposed him to the highest levels of guitar craftmanship. His focus as a builder has been to create guitars that players really enjoy. His approach is fluid and experimental, and his instruments have constantly evolved. He strives to build guitars that are brilliant in tone, rich in sustain and overtones, and fun to play.

Michael regrets to announce the closing of his shop. He offers his deepest gratitude to the many customers and friends who have played his instruments over the years.
Rochester, Minnesota
KLM Rose, OOK Parlor, Baby - Half-Size, Jumbo, 12-String, Baritone
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