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2009 marks 31 years since Brian Kingston has been building guitars and the mission remains the same - to build guitars that are alive, effortless to play and inspirational to the player. His 120 year old farmhouse, in which he constructs his guitars, shares a property line with the world famous PEI Cavendish National Park, with its miles of sand dunes and beaches. Brain says "I share a special “sense of place” that people from all Islands know and as such am pleased to name my 17” archtop model “Cavendish Road”…after the road at the end of our lane".

I first saw Brian Kinston's guitars at the Montreal Guitar Festival. I could immediately sense the quality and the first few notes told me he knows how to get tone from a carved instrument. Kingston guitars offer players a lively, responsive feel far superior to factory brand guitars. Only time, effort and experience can pull this much tone from simple wood.
Prince Edward Island Canada
Don Ross
All, CR-P, CR-E, CR-I, Fusion

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