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Jason Kostal has kept music in the forefront of his life since age four, when he began playing guitar. After studing fingerstyle at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, Kostal was introduced to what if felt like to play a well-built guitar, and began working with Kent Everett of Everett Guitars in Atlanta, GA. After pursuing a career in corporate America, following his departure from the military, Kostal attended the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, AZ, studying directly uner the Director of Training, John Reuter. Afterwards, Kostal worked with the Roberto-Venn School for three and a half years. In 2008, Kostal attended Ervin Somogyi's voicing class, and soon thereafter began a two and a half year apprenticeship with Somogyi in Oakland, CA. Having absorbed an enormous amount of knowledge and technique from this modern day master, Kostal relocated to Phoenix to work independently on his own line of guitars. The result of thirty years' experience playing fingerstyle guitar and building them? Astounding attention to detail. Sweet, rich tone. Dynamic, complex voicing. Kostal's guitars are at the far end of the spectrum of quality in modern guitar building.
As a luthier, I take pride in creating guitars that will last a lifetime and play incredible music for generations to come. Kostal Guitars is a boutique operation which allows me to meticulously design and construct each instrument on an individual basis. The models currently offered are but starting points from which a client’s unique and individual instrument is built upon. The process is truly collaborative, from the selection of wood all the way through to delivery of the finished guitar. I enjoy working closely with each client to learn what they desire in an acoustic guitar so that I can handcraft the instrument of their dreams. As each guitar evolves from concept to completion, I focus on extremely specific variables and control them to complement the finished product and meet the highest standards for tonality and responsiveness. As most truly meaningful things are, the process is time intensive results in a truly one of a kind instrument.

I am continually impressed by Jason's work. The man's technique is surgeon-precise, and not only because of his work with the greats like Ervin Somogyi, but because his passion for perfection is that great. Being able to represent his work at Dream Guitars is a great source of joy for me.
Queen Creek, Arizona
Michael Watts, Tony McManus, Adam Miller
Mod D
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