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Since the age of 15 I have been captivated by the "guitar." I have had a long and winding history with them – from playing in rock bands throughout the 80’s to recording in the 90's, and now, ultimately to building them one by one. I have developed a deep appreciation and love for this instrument. The craftsmanship that goes into a fine guitar, the rich history and tradition behind modern instruments, and the special connection that exists between the player and his (or her) instrument is something magical that inspires me. I build each guitar in my comfortable home studio in Vandercook Lake Michigan, and I have had the privilege to build instruments for a number of wonderful guitar players across this country – people who are clearly as infatuated by guitars as I am. For that privilege, I am eternally grateful. I have always loved the shapes and sounds of the traditional instruments of the per war era and continue to use them as inspiration. I don't however try to duplicate them. I am not a person that finds satisfaction in a clone. That is not to say reproducing vintage style guitars is a bad thing, its just not my thing. I prefer to use them as a launching point, a point of reference and a vision of inspiration. From there I tread heavily in the contemporary side of style. I like sleek lines, smooth curves, understated appointments and a full and even balanced tone. By looking at my guitars you will see a steady theme of a "less is more" approach. I spend an immense amount of time on every guitar I build to make it perfect – both as a musical instrument, and as a collaborative work of art with the end resulting in a mutual accomplishment that is equally shared between my customer and I. I put my soul into finding just the right woods, fussing over the aesthetics of every detail, making the work ‘clean and ensuring the instrument sounds and feels perfect. The final fit and finish are far above any expectations. I build each guitar to become the life long musical companion to their owner, and no amount of love or attention to detail is too high. Lance J Kragenbrink

I'd had heard great things about Lance Kragenbrink guitars so when he offered to send us one to demo we happily agreed. Long story short, we never sent it back. Lance's guitars are wonderful and offer a modern voice that is clearly rooted in the best vintage guitars. Construction is flawless and the aesthetic is sublime.
Vandercook Lake Michigan
Traditional Dreadnought, OM, E2, 0-12
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