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Trevor Kronbauer was born and raised in the North Okanagan city of Vernon. His father was a woodworker who made furniture and possessed a love of music.Kronbauer began his guitar building odyssey while working with luthier Ted Thompson, whom he credits as an inspiration. After 2 years with Thompson, Kronbauer decided to pursue his own vision. This translated into his unique design, which incorporates tasteful details and quality woods in an acoustic guitar that radiates class and style. Its appearance is funky and handsome - an evocative look that is timeless. It is designed for both projection and sweet sound. The clarity and bite of a Kronbauer guitar is balanced with a smooth warmth making for a lovely tone that sings. Trevor wants to build a great guitar for a great price and he does. His love of luthiery and craftsmanship is enveloping and this focus on artistry and technicality leads him to maintain a personal, custom shop approach rather than high volume.Kronbauer is a world-class luthier with an old world outlook.
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada
Larry Jacobson, Sundad
TDK Mini Jumbo, Small Body
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