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What is the Sound of Magic? It's when the song you are playing seems to play itself. It's when you pick up a guitar and from the moment you play it you become inspired, and new ideas flow freely with every strum. It's when your guitar becomes the vehicle of your inspiration, and an extension of your soul. It's that elusive element that is the difference between a mass produced, machine-made guitar, and a hand-made instrument that takes on the soul of its creator, and eventually its owner.I founded Lakewood Guitars back in 1986 with one purpose in mind -- to build very special musical instruments that would become treasured by their owners. My love for the guitar dates back to when I was a boy scout. Playing the guitar together was the one thing I remember most about being with my friends. When I was 18, a man named Manfred Pletz offered me an apprenticeship building guitars in his shop. Most of the instruments we made at that time were classical guitars, so it's no wonder that my first love was this type of instrument. We also built steel string guitars, all kinds of mandolin-type instruments and acoustic basses. It was a great challenge, and as a result I learned many things about this family of stringed instruments. My apprenticeship lasted three years. I will be forever grateful to Manfred for the lessons he gave me.Upon completing my apprenticeship, I worked as an instrument repairman for local music shops in the area. I quickly learned that guitar repair and restoration can be even more difficult than building a new instrument. During that period, thousands of guitars passed through my hands. I heard many different sounds, and saw many different building techniques. I also got to speak with the owners of these instruments about what they liked and did not like. It was a never-ending learning experience that helped shape the guitar building philosophy I have today.Martin Seeliger
The Lakewood adventure began in the spring of 1986. I had some years previously completed my training under master luthier, Manfred Pletz, and was endeavouring to find my niche as an independent luthier. Due to musical preferences I graduated from nylon string classical to steel string guitar. Germany in the mid-eighties was a country of classical guitars. Steel string models naturally originated in the USA or perhaps as facsimiles from Japan. So I was very motivated to do something about this and put Germany on the acoustic guitar world map. But I have omitted to introduce myself: my name is Martin Seeliger and with me everything must start somewhere. I was 28 years old and very curious. This is still the case today, to the inspiration and sometimes the frustration of those working with me. Way back then when I was searching for a name for my steel string guitars, my finger stopped on a map at a small town ‘Lakewood’ on Lake Erie in the USA. The name just suited guitars so I decided there and then and have never regretted it. Lakewood became a German steel string guitar brand. We have been building Lakewood guitars in Giessen, near Frankfurt/Main since 1986. Much expertise has been accumulated by us in the professional, artistic creation of fine guitars. Traditions mean a lot to us if they manifest in everyday working reality. New technology offers incentives and challenges for the creation of something as complex as an acoustic guitar which demands the highest levels of precision. We are driven to build instruments whose tone, aesthetics and finish meet highest standards. To achieve this, we delve into the absolute finest detail and are proud to be writing part of German musical instrument history. Since those early years much has been achieved. Over 20 000 guitars have been created which could tell many a story and which have become part of many diverse lives. This history represents an obligation for all of us at Lakewood. A Lakewood represents a piece of luck. On behalf of all Lakewood colleagues. Martin Seeliger
Giessen, Germany
Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Dave Matthews, Ritchie Blackmore, Eric Bazillian (The Hooters), Christopher Jones, Jimmy Docherty, Julian Dawson, Kazumi Watanabe, Tim Sparks, Wallis Bird
A-32, D-32, J-32, M-32, A-24, A-36, M-45, D-48, J-50, M-52, D-53, M-54, J-56, Jumbo, Dreadnought, Auditorium, Grand Concert, Baritone, 12-String
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