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Chris Jenkins started making guitars in 1996 when his son wanted a bass guitar. "I'm a real conventional, conservative guy. I don't think I understood the true nature of art until I started making guitars. I'm not saying they're perfect, but art is about having a passion. It fills a void. It's such a rewarding thing hearing people create music with them and hear them create music for others' enjoyment." All his guitars have his logo - a wood cutout of Texas - and a Zuni Indian good luck fetish inside. The Zuni fetishes are small, carved animals such as a frog or badger. "I have three or four woods that I like," he said. "My favorite is probably the Southeast Asian rosewood but I also like the Koa from Hawaii." The sides and bottoms of his guitars can be made with the exotic woods but the tops are always made from spruce, cedar or redwood. "Spruce can be made very, very thin. The thinner and lighter the top the better the sound."
Mansfield, Texas
Isaac Brock, Susan Werner, Fred Carlson, Wylie Gustafson, Chuck Milner, Don Edwards
Saddle Pal (0), Elko (00), Chameleon (000), Gitjo
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